Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't let the hurried pace of the holidays get you down. You can continue to be good to your body by doing a few simple things:
  • Take a breathing break. Stop your work for ONE minute, sit comfortably in your chair, rest you head and neck comfortably, put your hands to your sides or rest them on your lap, close your eyes and B-R-E-A-T-H-E. A deep breath in through the nose and a long one out through the nose. Tongue resting against the roof of the mouth, continue your breathing, gradually lengthening the 'out' breath. Surprise, surprise--you feel better, there is more oxygen in your body and you have reduced your stress.

  • Grow or buy organic sprouts. Add them to your salad at lunch or dinner. Consider them a concentrated form of nutrition--good medicine for your hurry up pace of life right now. Is that easy or what?

  • Turn the T.V. off and hold the hand of a loved one. We ALL know how good that feels!

  • Have a hot cup of green tea. The steam from the hot liquid will add good moisture to your face and to your sinuses and the tea will help your body to detox. A good thing, right?

  • If you have time, come to one of our holiday schedule yoga classes. The best medicine for your body and soul during these busy times